Problem Attic - Play Ground - RAWR - Halifax Thrash Punk


Fronted by someone who is at least a quarter (or maybe an eighth) your age – Problem Attic is everything you wish you were when you were in preschool. And then a bit cooler. Problem Attic, quite literally the youngest band in Halifax, Nova Scotia, will destroy you. If not through bone chilling screams and pounding, fuzzy guitars, then through sheer cuteness.

Lead by 4 year old Jude, Problem Attic was formed in the wake of one too many late night apple juice binges, and finds a charged sound somewhere between the optimism of childhood and the tribulations of being woken up too early.

Continually being turned down by bouncers for their own shows, you can still catch Problem Attic at local, all-ages punk shows in a suburban basement near you.



“Halifax’s newest punk band Problem Attic is already much cooler than you. And the lead singer, Jude, is only four! You’ve got some catching up to do.”  The Coast (Adria Young – Jan 13, 2016)


“If you’ve been going to punk and hardcore shows for a while, there’s a good chance you’ve started to feel like the oldest one there. Sadly, you’re about to feel a whole lot older, because there’s a new, noisy post-hardcore band fronted by a four-year-old boy.” Exclaim! (Josiah Hughes – Jan 14, 2016)